How to change the currency in Google Analytics

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    By default, Google Analytics processes monetary amounts in USD. However, this can be adjusted per view to basically any currency you wish. Google Analytics natively supports 49 different currencies, and you can set your view to work with any currency you like.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    1. On your Google Analytics homescreen, go to your Admin settings in the navigation bar on the left (the gear icon)
    2. In the ‘View’ column, select the view you want to adjust the timezone for. 
    3. Click ‘View settings’
    4. Scroll down to ‘Currency displayed as’
    5. Set the currency to your preferred currency
    6. Save your settings

    Google Analytics will now display all monetary amounts as your preferred currency

    Using multiple currencies

    It’s possible your site may utilise multiple currencies, for example if you serve a global market. It’s possible to set up your tracking code to tell Google Analytics about this second currency. That way, when Google Analytics receives a notification that a transaction has been made, it will also know that it was done with a different currency. Google Analytics will then automatically convert this to your view’s set currency using the exchange rate of the day before. 
    Setting this up requires making coding adjustments to analytics.js. If you are not comfortable with this we recommend asking a developer for help. More information on how to implement this feature in analytics.js can be found on Google Analytics’s official developer guide.

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