Get Convertmind Monitoring Alerts in Your Slack Channel

Many requested it… and here it is: Slack notifications! From now on Convertmind integrates with Slack, sending important alerts right into any of your team’s channels.

Get Monitoring Alerts

Convertmind monitors your Google Analytics and Web Vitals for anomalies. When something is off, you get an alert via e-mail or Slack!

You can select the Slack channel in which you’ll get the alerts.

Google Analytics alerts

Example of a session decrease alert

Google Web Vital alerts

Example of a Web Vital score decrease

How to connect Slack to Convertmind?

Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button in your account settings.
  • Go to your account settings and click on connections’
  • Click the ‘add to slack’ button
  • Select the #channel where you want to receive the alerts
  • Hit ‘allow’
  • Voila, that’s it! From now you’ll get the Convertmind alerts in Slack

Get started now

The Slack integration is available in your account right now, click and activate it in your setting!

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